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Worked as with National 503C Non-Profit organization - Enterprise Community partners as a Private Consultant,  specializing in 

Respiratory Illnesses, Cancers, Diabetes, Hypertension,  + Obesity.

Worked as a Lead Investigator and liaison for The Kansas Department of Health ; between the local health department and Hospitals

Sit on the Medical Review Board for one of  the Worlds Largest Women And Health Wellness companies; Stylecraze

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science  in Biological Anthropology  May 2010

Attended Tulane School of Tropical Medicine and Public Health .   May 2014 .


Furthered Education Graduating Cume’Lade  at the Georgia State University concentrating in Epidemiology,  Specializing in Infectious and Non-Infectious disease

( Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, Breast cancer, and lesser cancers) 

May 2021

Henok Malede B.S. MPH'D, RYT


 Author with 4 books published and available on Amazon: On Disease, Health. Integration of Healing with  Body, mind and spirit.

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