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Welcome to Him & Her Health

 Welcome to the official website of Him & Her Health,              Naturopathic Doctor and Epidemiologist

Henok L. Malede  BS MPH'D RYT

- Disease Specialist (Hypertension.. Diabetes)  
- Environmental Health Specialist
- Home & Virtual Assessment Available 


Henok Malede, aims to bring Remedies to old patterns, heal, and usher in the Miracles of the Mind, Body and Spirit  .

Media      Appearance


Spoke on National Television TVJ Jamaica's leading free to air television station providing compelling and unique news, information ( Click Link Photo)

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-07 at 6.06.40 AM.jpeg

Book endorsement with Sharee Elise : Renown Jamaican Actor and TV Personality - "The Wisest of Earth"

Environmental & Health Assessments

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-07 at 6.18_edited.jpg

Invited as Guest To Ilam, Nepal; a mountainside Tea Village in Asia, to understand how the farmers  and their materials effected their Health. A study on the breathing of the local population, and Remedial work led to the planting of over 400 White Mulberry trees alongside the Minister of Agriculture in just  Two months!

Health Education

Speaking in Portland, Jamaica  on The Seriousness of Diabetes and Hypertension in our World/ Youth.. Solutions : Remedies, 

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